Chapter History

The Oregon Chapter was first chartered in 1953.  We are celebrating nearly 65 years of exceptional leadership!

Year: President: Company:
1953-- Unknown Unknown
1954-- William J. Jones The First National Bank of Portland
1955-- M.A. Gudman Industrial Air Products
1956-- Arthur K. McNett Jantzen Inc.
1957-- J. Doyle Pigg Lipman Wolfe & Company
1958-- L.H. Forsythe U.S. National Bank
1959-- R.E. Marcy The First National Bank of Oregon
1960-- R.E. Marcy The First National Bank of Oregon
1961-- E.L. Bolin Northwest Natural Gas Co.
1962-- Robert J. Durham Bank of California
1963-- R.G. Thorne Zidell Machinery & Supply Co.
1964-- William M. Cronin Tektronix, Incorporated
1965-- William M. Cronin Tektronix, Incorporated
1966-- William M. Cronin Tektronix, Incorporated
1967-- Frank Drew Evans Products Company
1968-- Frank Drew Evans Products Company
1969-- Robert E. Engel United States National Bank of Portland
1970-- Charles P. Gallo Pacific Supply Cooperative
1971-- E. Everett Downing, Jr. Hanna Industries
1972-- R. Donald Coster Publishers Paper Co.
1973-- Kenneth L. Burkhead First National Bank of Oregon
1974-- Kenneth L. Burkhead First National Bank of Oregon
1975-- Nancy Mowlds Tektronix, Incorporated
1976-- Nancy Mowlds Tektronix, Incorporated
1977-- Jack Wilson Columbia Corp.
1978-- Donald W. Eckton City of Portland
1979-- J. Fee Publishers Paper Co.
1980-- A. Gates Louisiana-Pacific Corp.
1981-- Randal Wilson Portland General Electric Co.
1982-- Cynthia R. Rimkus Port of Portland
1983-- Rose Marie Owens First Farwest Corp.
1984-- Jack Peterson Tektronix, Incorporated
1985-- Erwin Johansen Portland General Electric Co.
1986-- Jerry Hendrix Beaverton School District #48
1987-- John Warren Unified Sewage Agency
1988-- Stanley Smith Schnitzer Steel Products
1989-- Jeanette Ross NIKE, Inc.
1990-- Jan Rothenhoefer Fred Meyer, Inc
1991-- Craig Gibbons City of Springfield
1992-- R. Scott Moss Metro
1993-- Robert Cornell Parr Lumber Co.
1994-- Karen Frey Tri-met
1995-- Katherine Walwyn Lane County
1996-- Laurie Ritson NIKE, Inc.
1997-- Susan Clark Portland General Corporation
1998-- Jeff Becker US Bank
1999-- Catherine Brown NIKE, Inc.
2000-- Cameron T. Williams NIKE, Inc.
2001-- Gail Lamm Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.
2002-- Christine Novotny Tri-met
2003-- William Jemison Metro
2004-- Jill Sughrue PGE
2005-- Ruth Ross Leupold & Stevens
2006-- Victoria Nolan Clean Water Services
2007-- Donna Tyner Port of Portland
2008-- Toni Visconti Precision Castparts Corp.
2009-- Eva LaBonte Clean Water Services
2010-- Dan Holden Daimler Trucks
2011-- Sue Ling Gandee Metro
2012-- Nick Hilbers Oregon Child Development Coalition




Nick Hilbers

Laura Martin

Dale Lindstrom

Oregon Child Development Coalition


Erickson Aviation

2016--                                  Jackie Kamstra                             NIKE
2017--                                  Eric Machado                              Clackamas County
2018--                                  Jackie Kamstra                             NIKE
2019--                                  Grant Feltz                                    Wieden + Kennedy